And You, Seas

Standing nearly 50 feet tall, And You, Seas, is made from stainless steel by the accomplished American Sculptor, Richard Hunt. Native of Chicago, with a studio in Benton Harbor, Hunt is continually inspired by the movement and energy of nature.


Folz finds inspiration in his everyday surroundings, often sketching his observations. He believes that “there isn’t a wrong and right message” conveyed through his artwork “whatever it says to the viewer is the right message.” What meaning do you find in his sculpture, Turbulence?


This three-piece sculpture guides viewers through the sand dunes to the shores of Lake Michigan. Barr was a sculptor and founder of the Michigan Legacy Art Park in Thompsonville, Michigan, “a place where artists could tell the story of our state in and through the fundamental materials of nature.”

Young Flight

Young Flight conveys a sense of peace, serenity and a celebration of life. In this abstract sculpture, the soft curved lines at the base direct your eye upward to the wing like shape, ready to soar. Detroit sculptor, Gail mally-mack, used these abstract shapes to symbolize children and their youthful outlook on life.

Moon Dream

Born in Armenia and having difficulties assimilating into American culture, Motevosian spent a lot of time along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. While watching the sun fade and the moon gain intensity, he found himself “split between two worlds of being Armenian and American.”