Krasl Art Center is a community resource, art museum, and educational institution. We are a collection of staff, faculty, artists, volunteers, students, experimental and artistic spaces, outdoor grounds, and community activations. We recognize our unique ability to provide creative experiences that are truly accessible, equitable, and inclusive to all members of our community.

We Believe

  • Creative expression is vital; all people should have access to expression through art.
  • Presentation of art inspires people and promotes pride in community.
  • Art transcends social, racial, and economic differences.

We Will

  • Be a place to make, experience, and share art while exploring new ideas and new media.
  • Stimulate dialogue through challenging and provocative concepts.
  • Be a catalyst for community transformation through the arts.
  • Respect and treat artists as professionals in all aspects of programming, displaying, and acquiring art.

We Value

  • Be nimble in response to local, national, and global impacts
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Experimentation, innovation, and excellence
  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Timely, current, and relevant

Click here to see KAC’s 2022–2025 Strategic Plan.

Our Pledge

Krasl Art Center is committed to consciously examining, identifying and addressing systemic racism and inequality of all kinds and its effects within our organization, community, and professional field. We strive to take a holistic and integrative approach, operating as an anti-racist organization and a brave space that puts humanity first. Krasl Art Center believes that, through our unique position and the power of art, we can creatively produce, promote, and discuss the relevant work needing to be done to continue to grow and heal our communities.

The following strategies guide us in this work:

  • LEARN 1) from our community through intentional dialogue and feedback from existing audiences and partners, as well as new voices; 2) learn from experts in the field through regular DEAI training for KAC board, staff, faculty, and docents.
  • CHALLENGE systems within and outside of KAC to address the issues that community members face.
  • BUILD enduring community partnerships and engage in collaborative programs with organizations that serve diverse audiences.
  • REVISE programs and policies based on participant and partner feedback, data gathering, and evolving community needs.

Our Community

  • KAC serves foremost the community of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor.
  • KAC also serves a robust community of artists locally, regionally and nationally.
  • KAC is an active participant in the professional fields of art museums and community-based arts education.

The statement was approved on October 24, 2022, by KAC’s Board of Directors and crafted over the past year by the following committee members: 

  • Brian Edlefson (KAC Board President)
  • Tami Fauver (KAC Staff)
  • Liz Garey
  • Joseph Gonzales
  • Julia Gourley Donohue (KAC Staff)
  • Paulette Johnson (KAC Board Member)
  • Nathan Margoni (KAC Staff)
  • Syndey Sentell

We thank the committee built of staff and community members who have helped shape these commitments. To see our full statement and evidence – which is updated constantly – click here.

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