Visitor Tips



The Krasl Art Center galleries host thoughtful exhibitions featuring diverse artists, styles and mediums.

Additionally, in the artlab, experimental art is displayed off the pedestal and onto floors, walls, and even ceiling for a one-of-a-kind art experience.


The courtyard, building exterior, and campus display a variety of sculptures from the KAC permanent collection and those on loan to the KAC.



We strive to bring outstanding exhibitions and events to KAC for all visitors to enjoy. Please help us make each visit a pleasurable experience.

Some exhibitions require KAC to abide by certain conditions in order to bring great artwork to our galleries.

Visitors may need to refrain from photography, eating, and drinking while in the galleries.  Signs will be posted on the gallery doors if an exhibit has restrictions.  We kindly ask that you abide by any requests.

Please speak on your cell phone outside of the galleries to avoid possible disruption to other art patrons.

Take time to enjoy the artwork by walking.  Running and jumping may harm the artwork and other visitors.

A coat rack is available; however, please keep track of personal items so you have your belongings when it’s time to leave.

The Krasl Art Center welcomes children and families to enjoy the galleries, gift shop, and KAC campus.  Programs and activities especially for children are available.

Viewing artwork is a great way for children to learn to enjoy their environment visually.  Talk with your children about what they see and think about the artwork.

Young ones in strollers are also welcome in the galleries.


KAC makes its programs and galleries accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities.  A wheelchair is available for use via request at the welcome desk.


Restrooms are available on each floor of the museum.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the KAC yard, lobby and galleries.


The Krasl Art Center is situated in downtown St. Joseph overlooking Lake Bluff Park and Lake Michigan.  Make a visit to the KAC part of your overall experience in southwest Michigan.

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