This year, KAC decided to combine the creativity and interaction of East Garden artist installations with the pragmatic need for an outdoor summer studio. Prismatic Hope, by local artist Andy Sawyer, is the colorful result.

Prisms have the ability to change light, to separate it into component colors.  This transformation of plain white light into a spectrum of every imaginable color has fascinated humans for millennia, and quite literally colored our world, states the artist.

Sawyer’s design uses a symbolic prism to represent the transformative power of creativity and learning. It includes a series of 6 connected waterproof sail awnings, each a different color. The space under each awning provides individual artist work stations. These are shielded from neighboring spaces by an additional sail.

Prismatic Hope is in progress now and will be installed by early June. It will be utilized by KAC summer campers and art students, and open for the public to enjoy during non-class hours.

The East Garden is dedicated in memory of Maria G. “Lupe” Hopp.

This 2021 installation is underwritten by Horizon Bank & the Daniel F. Hopp Family.

Below are images of the concept model Sawyer submitted as part of his artist proposal, accompanied by images of the install and final structure.