In 2021, KAC decided to combine the creativity and interaction of East Garden artist installations with the pragmatic need for an outdoor summer studio.

There is a brand new sculpture and outdoor studio in KAC’s East Garden, dedicated in memory of Lupe Hopp and underwritten by the Daniel F. Hopp Family and Horizon Bank. The garden is dedicated to interactive sculpture and returns as an outdoor summer studio. Art Dome, by local artist Thomas Freier, will be the second sculpture erected in the space

Freier’s Art Dome is designed to accommodate six students plus one teaching artist for KAC youth and adult education programs this summer. The structure is made out of painted plywood and features large work surfaces along the inside perimeter of the dome, dimmable overhead lighting, triangular canopies for sun protection, and a teacher station with built-in storage space. In addition to its functional attributes, Freier has designed Art Dome as a sculptural object, bringing together modern geometric forms with retrofitted elements such as a street lamp globe. The final product is an interactive artwork that inspires creativity.

” I grew up and live in Benton Harbor. I love antique gadgets, and upcycle them into sculptures. I fasten all my pieces with period-correct fasteners so they remain vintage.

“I remember when Krasl Art Center was built, and always wanted to be a part of that. When I was asked to submit a concept for an outdoor studio space, my mind exploded with ideas. I decided an ‘Art Dome’ would be aesthetically pleasing, and functional for art classes.” – Thomas Freier

The East Garden is dedicated in memory of Maria G. “Lupe” Hopp.