Artist: Denis Folz

Medium: Silver powder coated carbon steel

Year: 2012

Directions to this Sculpture


 “Does it really matter who I am or, for that matter, what I think? Enjoy art.”

Denis Folz finds inspiration in his everyday surroundings, often sketching his observations. He believes that “there isn’t a wrong and right message” conveyed through his artwork – “whatever it says to the viewer is the right message.” What does Turbulence say to you? What message does it convey?

1. Keep it simple. What do you see? What color is the sculpture, what’s the first shape you notice, are the shadows doing something interesting? 

2. Sometimes titles unlock a whole new meaning. What does “turbulence” mean to you? Is turbulence good, bad, or sometimes both? Do you think it’s a fitting name for this sculpture?

3. Context. Does this sculpture belong on a beach? Why or why not?

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