What are Krasl Art Center's COVID Policies?
Review all of KAC’s COVID policies by clicking here.

What is the price of admission to Krasl Art Center?
Some things in life are free!  Krasl Art Center’s galleries and many programs are free and open to the public. Donations are greatly appreciated and we welcome any amount you are able to give at our donation box located at the entrance to the main gallery. Suggested donation of $5/person. You may also view our outdoor sculptures for free anytime you wish.

What is the cost of parking at Krasl Art Center?
Parking is free in KAC’s parking lots. Visitors may also park for 2 hours for free on adjacent streets.

Does Krasl Art Center offer reciprocal membership to other museums?
KAC offers reciprocal memberships to nearly 1,000 museums with any membership over $150. Visit North American Reciprocal Museum Association for a list of all participating museums.

Is Krasl Art Center closed on holidays?
Krasl Art Center is closed on the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Does KAC close during inclement weather?
Krasl Art Center may close due to inclement weather conditions. Please check with local media outlets (WSJM-AM1400, ABC-57 News, 98.3 The Coast, or other media outlets for closing alerts).

How do I update my contact information with KAC?
We’re glad you want to stay in touch! Please email your new contact information to info1@krasl.org.

Are there nearby places to eat?
Home to plenty of good food, a variety of eating establishments are located within a few short blocks of Krasl Art Center. Our preferred eateries include the Bistro, located in The Boulevard Inn, Bread + Bar (downtown Benton Harbor), Schu’s Grill & Bar, and Forte Coffee. Stop by St. Joseph Today or visit their website at www.stjosephtoday.com. You’ll also find information regarding lodging, shopping, things to do, and local happenings on their website.

Is KAC child-friendly?
Krasl Art Center is very child-friendly, and we encourage you to bring budding artists of all ages for a visit! Strollers are permitted in the galleries. We also have an elevator to access all three floors of the building, plus restrooms on each level of the museum.  A changing table is available in one main level restroom.

How do I receive updates about Krasl Art Center?
The best way to receive updates is to become a member. You may also receive updates by requesting to be added to our email list.

I am an artist and would like to sell my art at Krasl Art Center. Is it possible to do this?
Yes! In fact, there are several ways for you to sell your art through the KAC, two are listed below, and more are available by clicking here.

  1. 1. The gift shop has a consignment program for artists to display and sell their works. Please fill out this form to learn about and apply for consignment.
  2. 2. The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff provides another opportunity for artists to show and sell artwork. This nationally ranked, juried art fair welcomes over 200 artists and more than 50,000 visitors the second weekend in July. For more information about the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, visit the Art Fair on the KAC website.
  3. 3.  KAC hosts Art Markets throughout the year! You can learn about current opportunities by clicking here.

How can I buy art at Krasl Art Center?
Our gift shop and events such as the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff and Art Markets provide opportunities to purchase unique, quality artworks. Sometimes, exhibition artworks are for sale as well. Please inquire at the welcome desk if you are interested in purchasing exhibition artwork.

Can KAC staff appraise my artwork?
KAC is unable to appraise works of art. Professional standards of ethics prohibit any museum from authenticating or providing a monetary appraisal of artworks. A great place to get started online in finding a professional is at appraisers.org.



Are food and beverages allowed in the galleries?
Sometimes it’s okay to have food and beverages in the galleries. Other times, exhibitions require that food and beverages remain in the lobby.  Please check with KAC staff before entering the galleries.

Is photography allowed in the galleries?
Some exhibitions allow for photography. To be sure it’s okay to photograph the artwork, please check with staff before taking pictures.

May I sketch/draw in the galleries?
Yes, you may sketch and draw in the galleries with pencil; however, some exhibitions may restrict sketching and drawing. Please check with staff to be sure it’s okay. The KAC’s outdoor sculptures are available any time for you to sketch and draw at your convenience!

Is the exhibition artwork for sale?
Artwork may be for sale, depending on the exhibition. Please inquire at the welcome desk or email curatorial@krasl.org.

How do I encourage my child’s interest in art?
KAC offers many opportunities to help foster engagement with artwork, including camps, classes, our Teen Arts Council, and free Family Days and Nights.  Beyond programs, try the following strategies to help spark children’s imagination and curiosity about art:
Ask them what they see in the painting, or what the artwork brings to mind when they view it.
Pose like the images or sculptures.
Create a story about the artworks.
Imagine being part of the art and what they would see, feel, hear and do if they were part of the artworks.
Let them create a drawing of the artworks.



My child is older/younger than the age/grade range listed. Is it possible to register my child anyway?
Depending on the class, it may be possible to register a child who is older/younger than the age/grade range listed. Please check with the education department at education@krasl.org prior to registering your child.

What will tuition cost if I miss one or more classes?
Since our classes run based on tuition paid at registration, we are unable to prorate classes.

I have ceramics which need to be fired. May I bring them to KAC for firing?
If your ceramics were created in one of our classes or as part of your KAC Clay Artist Guild membership, we would be happy to fire your ceramics.

May my special needs child enroll in classes and camps?
It may be possible to register your special needs child in a class and/or camp. Please check with the Education Department at education@krasl.org.