We ❤ Public Art. Why? Because public art is for everybody. It’s the kind of art you can look at whether you’re wearing a tuxedo or a bathing suit, whether it’s noon or midnight. Public art does more than beautify our community; it unites us as we explore what we see, connect with it, and connect with each other. 


KAC’s online  Sculpture Map can be accessed at home or in person with sculpture on view throughout St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. At each sculpture, QR codes will take you to the map, where you’ll find details about the artists, inspirations, and processes that contributed to some of the artwork in our community plus links to videos, articles, and conversation starters. 

For an interactive tour with select artworks from downtown St. Joseph, download the printable I ❤ Public Art Scavenger Hunt. The walkable, bikeable tour encourages group exploration of artworks located at the Margaret B. Upton Arboretum, Silver Beach County Park, and Krasl Art Center; and is designed to get you moving, thinking, and talking about art. 

Make it a group excursion with a quicker tour on the I ❤ Public Art 90-minute surrey bike ride at Scooter Joe’s. Tours start at $49. Click here to book your surrey bike ride online today!


Whether you are seeking a creative outlet, a place to relax or a site that connects you to community, Krasl Art Center’s campus is a dynamic, inclusive outdoor space that engages with the arts, nature and you. 

A specially commissioned sculpture by artist Richard Hunt, Rising Crossing Tides, welcomes you to the campus which includes rotating displays of contemporary sculpture and interactive art installations. You are invited to lounge in our outdoor plazas, complete with wifi and charging stations, or take a seat on the site’s custom bench that wraps around the outdoor lawn and features artwork inspired by Olga Krasl. Large blue blocks may be found most sunny days for all ages to play with, and regularly scheduled community programs and events are sure to inspire you.

KAC’s campus reflects the vision of our benefactors George and Olga Krasl to, “make life more worthwhile.” It is a space where all are welcome and all are invited to enjoy.


Krasl Art Center’s Biennial Invitational is a community-wide showcase of art outdoors. Every two years, KAC partners with our cities, county, and art and culture leaders to host an outdoor exhibition that fosters exploration and discovery, and celebrates the originality and diversity of our creative community. Artworks are featured throughout KAC’s grounds, parallel to the Box Factory for the Arts, along the shoreline at Silver Beach County Park, and throughout the Arts District in Benton Harbor. Explore all installations in KAC’s interactive sculpture map.

New in 2022, the exhibition ventured into a multitude of art and perspectives, including sculpture, sound-based installation, an interactive art vending machine, and large-scale photographs. Additionally, KAC piloted the concept of a legal graffiti wall with recent exhibiting artist Guillermo ‘ASMA Speeks’ Sotelo.


KAC is committed to public art and sculpture. In 2020, KAC holds 57 artworks in its collection that are sculptures, sculpture-related drawings, or maquettes (small-scale models for larger artworks). 30 of these artworks are located outdoors on the KAC campus and throughout the community. Through public placements, the sculptures create unique sites, instill community pride and reflect the value of the arts and culture in Southwest Michigan. KAC’s Sculpture Map highlights sculptures from the collection, as well as artworks for temporary display. Use it to explore public art online and in-person.