Nasca Iron

Inspired by the Nasca Lines, figurative designs created in the desert earth over 1500 years ago by the ancient people of Peru, this sculpture addresses the connection between nature and man; steel representing the industry of man and the wood inlay representing nature.


Gulwave was the first sculpture to become part of the KAC’s permanent collection. The artist, Kirk Newman, intended for this sculpture to “reflect the feeling of the natural landscape of the lake, dunes, and bird life.”

Standing Arch, Five

Thompson is a Michigan artist based in Blissfield, MI where he operates Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Galleries. Can you believe that Standing Arch, Five is actually considered a small model for a larger version located in Jackson, Michigan?

Three Fates – A Dance Set

“Three Fates was a dance set for Paula Kramer’s choreography for the myth ‘The Three Fates’… The fates spun threads (of life), determined their pattern, and finally, cut the threads.” Barr pushed himself as an artist and has been involved in numerous dance productions and film documentaries on various art subjects.

Construction of Breath

This sculpture was created while Nakano was on an artist residency in Three Oaks, MI. It was first exhibited in the 1998 Pier Walk at Chicago’s Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. Afterward, it moved to the Purdue University Northwest Campus outdoor exhibition, Odyssey Sculpture Series. Today, Nakano lives and works on sculptures in Japan.

Temple Carousel II

This three-piece sculpture conveys both strength and movement. Three sturdy galvanized steel columns reach upward at different heights while several flowing metal strands radiate from the abstract tops. Collins finds “sculpture compelling, as individual or collective pieces and as an artform.”


Billingsley believes that “all artists are on a journey of discovery through territory known but not fully understood.” His journey began at a young age when he spent as much time as possible with his grandfather who was a carpenter. This is when his “love of making” began.

Steel Arch 4

Steel Arch 4 won the KAC 2012 Biennial Sculpture Invitational Purchase Award. This sculpture stands just over 13’ tall and weighs 2400 pounds! It was selected for its resonance with the waters of Lake Michigan and the St. Joseph River, its monumental form, and its immaculate craftsmanship.

Hidden Legend

Look closely at the granite, the large band-saw blade used to cut the granite left behind unique markings on the smooth surface.  On the textured sides, pipe marks are visible from when the granite was first quarried.  What do you think the legend behind this sculpture is?

Born in England, Isherwood received his Bachelor of Art from Canterbury College of Art in England and his MFA from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York with artwork on view throughout the U.S. and internationally.