CANCELED – Coastline Children’s Film Festival – Dutch Animation Celebration


Ages 8 and up/74 min

NYICFF crossed the Atlantic to join forces with Cinekid, The Netherland’s premiere film festival for children, to share a program of the very best of DUTCH ANIMATION (Ages 8 and up/74 min)–featuring diverse stories, hilarious romps, inventive animation, and more! With trusty scissors in hand, Mr. Paper makes choice cuts to craft his ideal world. Blooming with artful animation and wistful storytelling, Emily was spotlighted as the Netherlands’ entry for Oscar consideration. Then three very different kids, all friends, find out what it truly means to walk a day in each other’s shoes, and legs, and torsos in this hilarious International Emmy-award winner Heads Together. Inventive design, storytelling and themes combine to make this Dutch Animation Celebration a whole lot of fun!

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