Following KAC’s exhibition: Artists as Influencers: Pathways in Glass, the KAC Members’ Show continued to consider pathways between artists, media, and meaning with the theme: Inspired by…. An integral part of the artistic process, inspiration is the spark that shapes new creative endeavors. Whether the evolution of an entire field as techniques and skills are passed from instructor to student (demonstrated in the Pathways in Glass exhibition), or the growth of an individual’s work as they are influenced by their surroundings, inspiration creates momentum for the artist and helps make meaning for the viewer.

Inspired by… showcased the work of KAC’s member artists and the people, places, and objects that influenced that work. KAC member artists were invited to display one artwork created within the past two (2) years that addressed the theme. All media were accepted and artists of every skill set encouraged to submit in this annual celebration of local talent.

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Enjoy the artwork in this close-up slideshow of the full exhibition! Find additional links, artist chats and videos in KAC’s Facebook page archive.

Please note that inspiration can take many forms. While we often think of inspiration as a lightbulb, a bright and shining moment, many artists are also inspired to process or respond to a challenging or traumatic experience with their art. The artworks in this slideshow deal with both positive and negative inspirations. Remember that you can always choose how much time to spend with each work of art. It’s okay to be emotional and it’s okay to skip through slides that make you uncomfortable. We hope this will be a space where you can engage bravely, empathetically, and critically with art.


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