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March 13-August 31

Influenced by the cultural richness of his Caribbean heritage and Pan-African studies, Dexter R. Jones unwaveringly removes the veil of self-conscious inhibition by eliminating preconceived notions of beauty. Instead, he masterfully reveals true splendor and regality, even amidst vulnerability.

Jones relentlessly pushes the characterization of beauty not often seen. Encompassing a mixture of texture, hues, flesh and heavy contrast in his editorial photography, his expertise in justly capturing women of vast shades is indicative of his strong matriarchal upbringing.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jones works on artistic projects, editorial assignments, and creative collaborations in both photography and film. Storied Portraits is Jones’ first solo show outside of New York and features 20 images produced in large-scale, further enhancing the vibrancy, strength and appeal of his artwork.

Artworks on view during Dex R. Jones: Storied Portraits are available for purchase through The Shop at Krasl Art Center. View a complete list of artworks for sale with pricing here. To make a purchase or for additional information, please email giftshop@krasl.org.


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March 13-August 31

Chicago-based sculptor Barbara Cooper uses wood, books and glue to create elegantly structured artworks. Using nature as her starting point, the artist is inspired by the stresses and obstacles nature confronts. These evolutions in growth and form provide the foundation to her stunning sculptures. 

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June 18-October 17

Artist Charlie Brouwer brings to life poetry, whimsy and human emotion amidst the contemporary landscape through his figurative sculptures. He is an artist in search of the beautiful, true and good. These elements are evident in the four sculptures selected for this intimate outdoor exhibition, Situations change to Human Interest which draw upon childhood memories, rites of passage, and spirituality.

Brouwer and his wife Glenda live in Floyd County, Virginia. Living on 30 acres of land, they offer a mile-long sculpture trail to any who wish to make an appointment. It is his goal, especially in the current moment, that all enjoy the restorative qualities of art, the outdoors and contemplation.

Being Home, 2016
The first outdoor sculpture in my “Homebody” series. Sometimes it seems that the best part about going away…is the returning home again.
When the Stars Begin To Fall, 2009
Biblical imagery and the experiences of slavery gave birth to the spiritual that inspired me to make this sculpture. Another line in the song also could have been the title: “My Lord What a Morning”.
He Rowed His Boat Around the Shoreline of His Memory, 2014
When I was a child my grandpa lived on Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan. He had rowboats, and I learned to row. This is when I first experienced going forward by looking back.
Change is in the air – something calls us to leave something behind, and we leave.