Krasl Art Center offers historical, contemporary and thematic exhibitions that are thought provoking, relevant and relatable.



January 30-March 28



Following KAC’s most recent exhibition: Artists as Influencers: Pathways in Glass, the KAC Members’ Show continues to consider pathways between artists, media, and meaning with the theme: Inspired by…. An integral part of the artistic process, inspiration is the spark that shapes new creative endeavors. Whether the evolution of an entire field as techniques and skills are passed from instructor to student (demonstrated in the Pathways in Glass exhibition), or the growth of an individual’s work as they are influenced by their surroundings, inspiration creates momentum for the artist and helps make meaning for the viewer.

Inspired by… showcases the work of KAC’s member artists and the people, places, and objects that have influenced that work. KAC member artists are invited to display one artwork created within the past two years that addresses the theme. All media are accepted and artists of every skill set are encouraged to submit in this annual celebration of local talent.


Enjoy the artwork from afar in this close-up slideshow of the work on view! Find additional links, artist chats, and videos on KAC’s Facebook page.

Please note that inspiration can take many forms. While we often think of inspiration as a lightbulb, a bright and shining moment, many artists are also inspired to process or respond to a challenging or traumatic experience with their art. The artworks in this slideshow deal with both positive and negative inspirations. Remember that you can always choose how much time to spend with each work of art. It’s okay to be emotional and it’s okay to skip through slides that make you uncomfortable. We hope this will be a space where you can engage bravely, empathetically, and critically with art.


Learn more about the work on view during special tours, artist talks, and other virtual events. All events require advance registration.

Additional links, artist chats, and videos can be found on KAC’s Facebook page.

Hours and event details are subject to change. KAC references state health guidelines to make adjustments for the safety of our visitors. Find the most up-to-date hours, admission information, and safety policies under the Visit tab

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January 30-March 28

Jennifer Zona, Alternative Grid. Woven dyed wool.
Jennifer Zona, Alternative Grid. Woven dyed wool.

Artist Jennifer Zona is best known locally as a ceramist, teacher, and manager of KAC’s ceramics studio. She is also a serious weaver. Zona is creating an entirely new installation of dynamic, woven structures to premier in the artlab.

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June 18-October 17

Artist Charlie Brouwer brings to life poetry, whimsy and human emotion amidst the contemporary landscape through his figurative sculptures. He is an artist in search of the beautiful, true and good. These elements are evident in the four sculptures selected for this intimate outdoor exhibition, Situations change to Human Interest which draw upon childhood memories, rites of passage, and spirituality.

Brouwer and his wife Glenda live in Floyd County, Virginia. Living on 30 acres of land, they offer a mile-long sculpture trail to any who wish to make an appointment. It is his goal, especially in the current moment, that all enjoy the restorative qualities of art, the outdoors and contemplation.

Being Home, 2016
The first outdoor sculpture in my “Homebody” series. Sometimes it seems that the best part about going away…is the returning home again.
When the Stars Begin To Fall, 2009
Biblical imagery and the experiences of slavery gave birth to the spiritual that inspired me to make this sculpture. Another line in the song also could have been the title: “My Lord What a Morning”.
He Rowed His Boat Around the Shoreline of His Memory, 2014
When I was a child my grandpa lived on Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan. He had rowboats, and I learned to row. This is when I first experienced going forward by looking back.
Change is in the air – something calls us to leave something behind, and we leave.
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