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BLOW UP II: Inflatable Contemporary Art explores the medium of inflatable art with imagery that is figurative, conceptual, and abstract. These large-scale inflatable sculptures, conceived by nine artists and art collectives from around the world, connote fun and whimsy, are familiar yet strange, and challenge the definition of art. Here, in an unusual feat, artists use air as an active tool in their work to subvert our perspective and surprise us.

Featuring a new roster of artists, BLOW UP II includes work by Chromaforms, Sharon Engelstein, FriendsWithYou, Josh Harker, Susan Lee-Chun, Matt Ritchie, Lizabeth Rossof, Jen Stark, and Max Streicher – many of whom have never worked in the inflatable medium previously. The resulting artworks reflect a variety of themes including consumerism, pop culture, history, and even mortality. 

BLOW UP II: Inflatable Contemporary Art was organized by Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA.

Artwork: Bedford Gallery installation view. Forefront: Sharon Engelstein, Seeker, 2012. Nylon fabric, electric fan. Background: Lizabeth Rossof, 5 XI’AN AMERICAN WARRIORS, 2019. Nylon, fabric, electric fans.


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