Krasl Art Center’s East Garden was dedicated in 2018 as an intimate outdoor space that inspires a sense of play, wonder, and reflection through interactive contemporary art installations. New projects are installed often, transforming and invigorating the space anew with fresh artistic vision.


Flora and fauna collide in the East Garden this summer in Joy Bradley’s Symbiosis, an immersive sculptural installation. The space blooms with Bradley’s fantastical interpretation of the moment a butterfly lands on a flower. Eight-foot-tall butterfly wings soar over woven “roots” and giant, cascading petals. Visitors may sit upon the petals and pose in front of the wings, taking their part in the transformative, symbiotic relationships we discover when we encounter both nature and art.  

Based in Berrien Springs, Joy Bradley creates massive floral arches, larger-than-life sculptures, and metamorphic installations. Bradley’s work has been featured in storefronts, as part of an evolving art and wellness activation, and exhibited at Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids for Art Prize. For Bradley, the interactive scale of her dreamlike artworks truly set them apart: “My art gives my audience a unique glimpse into another dimension that they [otherwise] only experience in movies and stories.”

Quote from December 8, 2022 article, “Meet Joy Bradley” in Canvas Rebel Magazine.


Fall 2022 – Winter 2023, various sculpture by Albert LaVergne
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East Garden is dedicated in memory of Maria G. “Lupe” Hopp. The exhibition is supported in part by gifts from the Daniel F. Hopp Family Foundation, Arcadia Gardens, LLC, and Horizon Bank.