Krasl Art Center (KAC) and Spectrum Health Lakeland’s Population Health Department (SHL/PH) have developed an innovative partnership. Together, the organizations are developing an Art & Wellness Pop-Up based on the Trauma Resource Institute’s Community Resilience Model (CRM) ® that will help address the behavioral health challenges faced by the community.

I am proud of this true collaboration. The shared visioning and decision-making by Krasl Art Center and Spectrum Health Lakeland will expose hundreds of people to the Community Resiliency Model, and provide them with skills to build their personal resilience and the resilience of their family, friends and neighbors. ~ Lynn Todman, Executive Director for Population Health, SHL.

The kiosk-like Pop-Up is in development now and will be completed by a team of KAC and SHL/PH staff, local artists and regional creatives in summer 2020. The goal is to increase understanding of mental health, destigmatize mental illness, introduce the concept of resilience, and invite community members to participate in hands-on, arts-based activities that provide opportunities to practice and build resiliency skills. Once built, the Pop-Up will be piloted at the St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Libraries, for approximately 6 weeks at each site over the summer months.

The Art & Wellness Pop-Up offers the opportunity to address real needs within the community. The power of art to strengthen and transform individuals and communities alike is well-documented; combining its strength with the expertise of Spectrum Health Lakeland’s Population Health team is an exciting partnership that truly blends two areas of expertise to affect meaningful change. ~ Tami Miller, Deputy Director & Curator, KAC.


  • St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Public Libraries

  • June – September 2020

  • Specific site dates to be announced in Spring 2020.


Utilizing KAC’s expertise in art and SHL/PH’s expertise in resiliency building skills, this collaboration will include a roster of artists and designers to develop the Pop-Up. Team members to date include:

  • Lynn Todman, Executive Director for Population Health, SHL
  • Tasha Turner, Program Director for Trauma Informed Initiatives, SHL
  • Tami Miller, Deputy Director & Curator, KAC
  • Laura Winkle, Interpretation & Engagement Coordinator, KAC
  • Emily McKenna, School & Community Programs Coordinator, KAC
  • Darrell Willis Humbles, Local Artist
  • Gene Ullery-Smith, Michigan-based Exhibition Designer


CRM ® is a skills-based wellness approach to stabilizing the human central nervous system, which, if left destabilized over long periods of time due to chronic stress and trauma, can lead to serious mental (and physical) health challenges. The model is designed to provide individuals and communities with:

  • A common understanding of the impacts of chronic stress and trauma
  • A common language with which to talk about the impacts of chronic stress and trauma
  • Easily accessible skills to address the impacts of chronic stress and trauma – skills that help to re-stabilize the nervous system and increase resilience.

As a result of this work, individuals and the community at large will have increased capacity to:

  • Mitigate the behavioral health effects of past trauma and chronic stress
  • Rebound in the wake of future trauma and chronic stress
  • Avoid the behavioral health effects of future trauma and chronic stress.





The concept for the Art & Wellness Pop-Up was inspired by this project.


In preparation for this project, KAC and SHL/PL co-curated the exhibition Resiliency in KAC’s galleries October 4 – December 1, 2019. Artists that were in the exhibition: Rachel Corbin, Drawing, Nashville, TN; Alli Farkas, Painting, Dowagiac, MI; Christina E. Fontenelle, Visual Art & Dance, Chicago; John Gutoskey, Printmaking, Ann Arbor, MI; Ginnie Hsu, Illustration, Upstate New York; Olivia Hunter, Photography, New York; the monarq, Painting, Seattle,WA; Sergio Gomez, Painting, Chicago; Martina Nehrling, Painting, Chicago.


Krasl Art Center programmed stations throughout the Resiliency exhibition based on the Community Resiliency Model ®. Guests navigated the different stations through the aide of a gallery guide, available for print or download here.