Personal to Political: Celebrating the African American Artists of Paulson Fontaine Press

David Huffman, Hoop Dreams, 2007, color softground and spitbite aquatint etching; image courtesy of Paulson Fontaine Press, Berkeley, CA

There is no singular way to address the conversation of race and representation in contemporary art. Personal to Political: Celebrating the African American Artists of Paulson Fontaine Press presents fourteen artists who capture the personal narratives and political discourses of African Americans across the country, reflecting a collective experience expressed in uniquely individual ways. This powerful exhibition of figurative and abstract artworks channels the poetics of human experience from past and present, and boldly presents ideas about history, identity, personal story, and spiritual inspiration.

~ Carrie Lederer, Curator ‘s Statement (excerpt)

Personal to Political: Celebrating the African American Artists  of Paulson Fontaine Press was organized by Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions, Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA.


Edgar Arceneaux
Radcliffe Bailey
Louisiana Bendolph (Gee’s Bend Quilter)
Mary Lee Bendolph  (Gee’s Bend Quilter)
Loretta Bennett  (Gee’s Bend Quilter)
McArthur Binion
Lonnie Holley
David Huffman
Samuel Levi Jones
Kerry James Marshall
Loretta Pettway  (Gee’s Bend Quilter)
Martin Puryear
Gary Simmons
Lava Thomas

artlab: Allison Svoboda

Allison Svoboda uses the patterns and forms found in nature to create intricate, collages of layered pen and ink paintings that are assembled into large scale installations. Meditative, bold and delicate all at once, her work draws viewers in and holds them captivated.

Saturday, November 17

Free & Open to the Public
Join artist Allison Svoboda in the artlab for an informal talk about the process and inspiration behind her artwork. Enjoy a snack and continued dialogue in the KAC lobby after.

Free & Open to the Public – Advance Registration Required – Email

Learn the meditative practice of traditional Asian ink painting. Sumi-e means path of ink, through different brushstrokes we will learn different ways to control the medium. Allison will teach basic brushstrokes and help those who want to experiment with their own original work. This 2 hour workshop is appropriate for all levels. Japanese ‘washi’ paper, ink and brushes are provided.