Three Lines Diagonal – Jointed Wall

Artist: George Rickey

Medium: Stainless steel

Year: 1984

Directions to this Sculpture

Three Lines Diagonal – Jointed Wall

Can you feel the wind off the bluff today? The breeze is what helps make George Rickey’s sculpture, Three Lines Diagonal – Jointed Wall, move!  There are NO motors in this sculpture. Notice how the shadows and light change as the three stainless steel arms swing into different positions.  Each day, this sculpture will make a never-ending arrangement of random movements.

This kinetic sculpture became part of KAC’s collection in 1986. Born in 1907 in South Bend, Indiana, Rickey has become a regional and internationally known artist with artwork in Southwest Michigan, New York, London, Germany and beyond.

Kinetic art is art that has motion or the appearance of motion. Kinetic sculpture typically has mechanical parts that can be set in motion by a person, motor, or the wind. See more examples of kinetic art here.

George Rickey did not always study art. He studied history in school and, in 1942, was drafted into the US Army to work as an engineer.

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