Rising Crossing Tides

Walk under and around this sculpture. Sit down on its base and look up. Richard Hunt designed Rising Crossing Tides as a gateway to Krasl Art Center and the local community. The monumental sculpture that welcomes to you is intended to encourage you to interact with nature and the public art you find here! 

The curvilinear forms of Rising Crossing Tides are an abstraction of the local environment. They might remind you of the wind or the waves of Lake Michigan as they crash against the bluff. Like waves, the shape of the sculpture lifts upward, which is a common theme in Hunt’s work. Hunt considers the way his sculptures take up space similar to the way birds or planes move through the air or fish move through water, often contributing to the wing-like shapes that make up his sculptures.

Richard Hunt started attending the Junior School of the Art Institute of Chicago in seventh grade and received his BAE from SAIC in 1957. In 1967, Hunt completed his first large scale public sculpture commission. This was the beginning of what Hunt calls “his second career,” when he began to work on sculpture that “responded to the specifics of architectural or other designed spaces and the dynamics of diverse communities and interests.”