Between the Lines (no. 13)

Artist: Kris Sanford

Medium: Archival photographic print on vinyl

Year: 2024/2009

Directions to this Sculpture

Between the Lines (no. 13)

“A 1954 diary that belonged to a grandfather I never met serves as the inspiration for and background in many of the photographs from Between the Lines. The figures that emerge from the pages, actual vintage photographs cut and photographed in camera, represent the memories contained in the text. Shallow focus reveals small details, while obscuring the larger story.

Relationships, real or imagined, are at the center of my work. I live vicariously through unknown strangers, creating stories from abandoned diaries, letters, and photographs. I use appropriated photographs for their seemingly innocent and unselfconscious nature, reinterpreting vintage snapshots to speak about the tension and complexity in my own relationships. My work raises questions about memory, truth, and representation in photography, often drawing attention to changing attitudes toward gay and lesbian relationships. My images are works of fiction, where I project my own dreams onto moments from the past.” ~Kris Sanford

Kris Sanford grew up in southeast Michigan and received a BFA in photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and an MFA in photography from Arizona State University. Her art explores relationships through the use of appropriated images, video, and text. Kris is currently an associate professor at Central Michigan University and has taught photography classes at several institutions, including Washtenaw Community College, Arizona State University, and Glendale Community College. Click here to see more of Kris’s work.

Another photo from this project, Between the Lines (no. 11), was included in the 2011 installment of the 7th Avenue Streetscape Panels in Phoenix, AZ. Click the photo below to learn more.