Pave the Path

Artist: Sam Kirk

Medium: Illustration

Year: 2020/2023

Directions to this Sculpture

Pave the Path

Pave the Path honors the generations of people who crafted and shared the beautiful mixture of cultures we celebrate today. Through traditions in food, music, art, and more, I grew up cultivating my LatinX identity and enjoying the fruits of our communities, which continue to nourish me as an artist to this day. I am grateful for all that has been shared from one generation to another as we connect to opportunities we want, create the spaces we need, and work toward the progress we deserve. Let us continue to showcase our vibrance, our pride and our culture as we follow and create paths that lead us forward.” ~Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk has exhibited her paintings, mixed-media collage, and stained glass portraits in solo and group shows throughout the midwest as well as in Miami and New York; but perhaps more importantly she is a talented and prolific muralist and advocate for public art: “Many people I know feel intimidated by galleries or museums, but they’re the first to show up when I work outside.” Click here to see more of Kirk’s illustrations, public art installations, and collaborations.

Sam Kirk selected Pave the Path for KAC’s 2023 Pride Project celebrating LGBTQIA+ artists, but the artwork was originally created in 2021 for Hispanic Heritage Month. Click here to read an interview with Kirk about how she uses public art to “celebrate culture and community around the world.”

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