2024 East Garden Installation

Artist: Jeremy Barnett & Jason Maracani

Medium: Wood

Year: 2024

Directions to this Sculpture

2024 East Garden Installation

“Our work uses the repetition of colorful, three-dimensional lines and shapes to activate and reimagine community spaces. In our East Garden Installation, our winding sculpture connects the garden spaces in order to highlight the art pieces on display. We invite people to move through this, and all of our pieces, with the hope that they will feel connected to and inspired by their surroundings.  

We believe in the value of accessible art. We met as theatrical scenic designers with a shared passion for unconventional performance spaces (abandoned buildings, converted warehouses, and parking garages to name a few). Our aesthetic, including the inexpensive and readily available materials that we use, developed out of a combination of necessity and curiosity. Initially self-funded, we used what we had on hand. It has evolved into our shared artistic vocabulary: graphic elements, repeated shapes, bright colors, and winding lines that create sculptures that emphasize joy and energy of community spaces.” ~Jeremy & Jason

Jeremy and Jason have exhibited together venues across Michigan and New England since 2014. Their most recent project in Southwest Michigan was the interactive exhibition, Spaces for Discovery, hosted by the Saugatuck Center for the Arts in summer 2022, which featured seven indoor/outdoor community art pieces across Saugatuck, Douglas, Holland, and Fennville. Click here to watch a video about their 2021 Pop-Up Art Sculpture at Goldthwait Reservation.

The East Garden is dedicated in memory of Maria G. “Lupe” Hopp and intended always to feature an interactive artwork. The 2024 installation is supported in part by gifts from Daniel F. Hopp Family Foundation.

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