Artist: Fritz Olsen

Medium: Marble

Year: 1999

Directions to this Sculpture


“Echoing wind, water and the human form, Bouquet represents the elegant energy of nature in motion” stated Fritz Olsen, sculptor. This sculpture is dedicated to all of the past, present, and future volunteers of the Krasl Art Center.

Fritz Olsen has been sculpting in stone, bronze, and steel for over 30 years. He lives in Sawyer, Michigan, where he works in a restored 1930s Azalea nursery and exhibits his work in his Gallery and Sculpture Gardens.

Fritz Olsen traded his studio on Goose Island in Chicago for the rural countryside of Sawyer, Michigan. He works in a beautifully restored 1930’s Azalia nursery just off the shores of Lake Michigan and exhibits his sculptures in his Gallery and Sculpture Gardens. For Thirty nine years he has been creating sculptures in stone, bronze and steel. His works can be found in public, private, and corporate collections across the United States.

KAC got to connect with Fritz Olsen during one of our virtual Live at Lunchtime Artist Talks. See the whole conversation by clicking this link.