Artist: Joy Bradley

Medium: Metal and foam hard coated with polyester resin

Year: 2023

Directions to this Sculpture


The moment a butterfly lands on a flower – but with a twist (literally)! Flora and fauna collide in Joy Bradley’s immersive sculptural installation, Symbiosis. Walk all the way around Bradley’s eight-foot sculpture, and as it twists you will see butterfly wings soaring over woven “roots” and giant, cascading petals. Is the butterfly becoming a flower, is the flower becoming a butterfly, or is it a symbiotic relationship of the two? Bradley wants you to decide as you sit upon the petals and pose in front of the wings, taking your own part in the transformative, symbiotic relationships we discover when we encounter both nature and art.

Based in Berrien Springs, Joy Bradley is a mixed-media artist who creates massive floral arches, larger-than-life sculptures, and metamorphic installations. Bradley began sculpting large-scale nature-based artwork for a friend’s wedding. Since then, her work has been featured in storefronts, as part of an evolving art and wellness activation, and exhibited at Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids for Art Prize.

“I’m sure my ancestors never imagined me as a Black woman doing what I do now in both the sciences and the arts…One thing I always want people to know is that you literally can do whatever you wanna do with your life. You have everything you need to create the world you want.” Read more about Bradley’s journey as an artist by clicking here.

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