Steel Stack, Square

Artist: Kenneth M. Thompson

Medium: Structural steel,

Year: 2017

Directions to this Sculpture

Steel Stack, Square

“The ideas for this series must have started over sixty-five years ago with me as a toddler sitting on the floor ‘stacking’ blocks. 

“I have always had a fascination with buildings and bridges, as well as the from a tradition of craftsmanship. I prefer to use materials that convey columns, posts, beams and arches that support them. I come to this world strength. I have always felt that good art should be well made and that there is no excuse for poor craftsmanship.

“I see each sculpture as a ‘clean sheet of paper’ that presents new opportunities to discover solutions. Beyond content and suitability, my sculpture concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it as well as the techniques employed to create it.” – Kenneth M. Thompson

Kenneth M. Thompson holds a Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Siena Heights University and a Master of Liberal Studies in Sculpture from the University of Toledo (Ohio). Thompson has been making sculpture since 1978 out of a car dealership-turned-studio in Blissfield, Michigan. From this facility, he and his eight assistants also operate Flatlanders Sculpture Supply & Art Galleries and the Midwest Sculpture Initiative. Thompson is well-versed in bronze casting, metal fabrication and woodworking but prefers stone carving.   

The major focus of his work since 1997 has been large-scale public sculpture, of which he has completed over 70 large-scale projects. In addition, he enjoys making smaller work for gallery exhibits. He has thirty-five one person shows and numerous group exhibitions and many awards to his credit.


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