Pop! (left) & A Real One (right)

Artist: Dex R. Jones

Medium: Digital SLR Image on Canvas,

Year: 2014

Directions to this Sculpture

Pop! (left) & A Real One (right)

Storied (adjective): celebrated; associated with stories or legends. 

Pop! and A Real One are photographs from a series of artworks by Dex R. Jones called Storied Portraits. A complex and vibrant history of Blackness is preserved, shared, and celebrated each time Jones photographs a subject: “I have always thought that photography is a form of anthropology. It is a great way to get to know and understand people. Each person is a new experience and each experience teaches you something.”

A spectrum of bright, saturated colors, texture, flesh, and heavy contrast highlight and amplify Jones’ subjects. His unique expertise in justly capturing women of vast shades is indicative of his strong matriarchal upbringing; and his success in achieving powerful, regal images radiates from an infectious passion that is distinctly exposed in the strong subjects he portrays: “These are people. And they are just as varied, layered, and colorful as the work itself.”

Dexter Ryan Jones was born in Brooklyn, NY, where he continues to live and practice photography – a medium he stumbled upon by accident and has been working with for the past ten years. Jones went to college to study Advertising Design with a general interest in the arts and a goal of becoming a spoken word poet. There, the photography classes he was required to take as part of his design major began to guide his narrative passion toward the visual arts. See more of Jones’s work at dexrjones.com.

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