Carbonic Flower

Artist: Fritz Olsen

Medium: Stainless steel,

Year: 2021

Directions to this Sculpture

Carbonic Flower

“Imagine a time when every garden will have one: A CARBONIC FLOWER – a carbon catcher, and this piece of art will enhance and contribute a positive and esthetic energy while collecting carbon from the atmosphere. 

“This is an idea whose time is almost here, a time when advances in technology, communication and collaboration among all disciplines is accelerating, a time when anything may be possible. This synergy could grow and develop a miraculous process taken from nature and create an outdoor work of art that enhances and cleans our atmosphere.  

“To be able to assist existing greenspaces in what they already do for us, their magical absorption of carbon, is a wild idea. Wild and creative ideas are the sparks of change and transformation, sometimes taking generations to come to fruition. We are living in a time when so much is possible and so much that has been dreamed long ago is coming to reality. These elegant and energized flowers will be abundant and realized in all sizes and shapes.” – Fritz Olsen

Fritz Olsen traded his studio on Goose Island in Chicago for the rural countryside of Sawyer, Michigan. He works in a beautifully restored 1930’s Azalia nursery just off the shores of Lake Michigan and exhibits his sculptures in his Gallery and Sculpture Gardens.  For Thirty-nine years he has been creating sculptures in stone, bronze and steel. His works can be found in public, private, and corporate collections across the United States.

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