Adolescent Echo

Artist: Craig Merchant

Medium: Wood, electronics,

Year: 2021

Directions to this Sculpture

Adolescent Echo

Adolescent Echo is an interactive installation of birdhouses that repeat short phrases when spoken into them. The artwork is inspired by the impact adults’ words have on youth. Children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them and always repeating what they see and hear. The artist hopes that this artwork inspires adults to be mindful of their words and the influence they have on children.

“Growing up in a secluded wooded environment, I learned early on in my life that all creatures play an important role. It is no surprise that these early encounters would be reflected in my artwork through large scale depictions of insects, frogs, and fish. I continued to expand on this idea by representing the relationships that are shared between man and the environment. I often use subjective colors and distortion of scale to present an ordinary object in a unique way. It is my goal to connect with the viewer and create a kind of internal disturbance so that they are no longer viewing the art, they are experiencing the art.” – Craig Merchant

Craig Merchant currently works and resides in Grand Rapids. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan in 2010. He primarily studied printmaking and drawing, but recent works include paintings, sculptures, and installations. He has exhibited throughout the state of Michigan in addition to displaying work in the United States Embassy in Botswana, Africa, and at various galleries around the world.

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