The Heavyweight (Lotus)

Go ahead, take a seat! The Heavyweight was commissioned for Krasl Art Center’s sculpture garden in 1994. From the beginning, the sculpture was intended to be welcoming and interactive. Each year, hundreds of children and adults climb on, stand on, sit on, and hug the 800-pound hippo now known as Lotus.

Dr. Burt Brent was an apprentice in a taxidermy studio at the age of thirteen. He went on to become a world-renowned surgeon, famous for ear and face reconstruction for children. In 1987, Brent sculpted a bronze rhinoceros for Rhino Rescue, an auction at Sotheby’s that raised money to establish a Kenyan rhino preserve. Dr. Brent’s rhino became an instant success, and since then he has created many wildlife sculptures, often donating his earnings toward other organizations like Rhino Rescue.

Ground Wave

Ground Wave is a site-specific installation, which means that it did not arrive at Krasl Art Center in the form that you see now. Peter Krsko worked at KAC daily for a week to construct the frames and add the layers of lath that create this tripart sculpture. Krsko salvages unwanted lumber to use for these projects he calls Arboria. By shaping the lath around the frames, he returns the prefabricated material to the organic, tree-like forms from which they were originally milled. 

Peter Krsko received a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Material Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2006. Today, he makes bioinspired art that focuses on observing and listening to nature and expressing his observations through objects and experiences.