The Krasl art center offers the following resources for groups of all sizes and teachers from any discipline.

KAC Library

The Krasl Art Center library contains a variety of books about artists and techniques and DVDs loaned from the Coastline Children's Film Festival.  Members are permitted to check items out of the library.  Visitors are welcome to read or do research while in the KAC library.

NEW! Browse the Krasl Art Center Library catalogue online here.  



Art Reach Portfolios

Cost: Free
The Krasl Art Center's ArtReach program provides 141 thematic portfolios, containing more than 400 poster-size reproductions of famous works of art for your classroom, scout troop or community group. Lists of artists are available to assist you in locating desired works of art.

Each portfolio contains 3-5 reproductions, information about the art and artist and written.

Krasl Touch Tone Art Logo

Touch Tone Art & Culture

Cell phone audio tours of our gallery exhibitions and outdoor sculpture for visitors to learn more about the artwork they are viewing.  Look for the Touch Tone Art logo to dial a phone number and receive more information about the artwork.


The Krasl Art Center offers tours to a variety of groups including schools, families, tour groups and business groups. Visit the tours section of our website for more information.